Improving continuously starts with measuring the right things and afterwards doing the right things with them.

CLICKING has a wide expertise in guiding organizations with the set-up and elaboration of Key Performance Indicators. We manage the transfer to a Dashboard Manager and also provide training for the users.

Dashboard pictKEEP IT SIMPLE
Clicking Dashboard© outshines in its simplicity: colorful graphs show exactly where we stand in relation to the goal and/or in comparison with previous years. One simple click on one or an unlimited number of filters makes selecting and sorting a child’s play. Finally a professional and final-user-friendly tool for which you don’t have to be an IT’er.

Dashboard ∑Personalised colorgraphs

Intuitive buttons and dropdown-menus personalize every graph effortless:
• you can install your own goal- and ‘alarm’-level, that automatically makes sure that your graph colors green, orange or red.
• every graph, including filters and sorting can show the same filtered results from the previous years, whether or not with the corresponding numbers in a clarifying table.
• export-functions make sure that the graph can be saved as a PDF-file, while each dataset can be further edited in Excel.
• Key Performance Indicators can be added, deleted, changed or de-activated at all time.

ScorecardAutomatic Clicking Scorecard

• beside the ClickingDashboard©-graphs that show 1 KPI, the tool also contains the Clicking Scorecard that shows the results of multiple or even of all the KPIs for the entire organization or for a specific target group.
• here again the green-orange-red coloring in function of the goals, showed in relation to the month-goals; period to date (PTD) and year to date (YTD), as well as in comparison with previous years.
• the Clicking Sorecard can also be saved as a PDF, and consequently be processed in a presentation or an e-mail.

What makes ClickingDashboard© so unique?

• a 24/7 online available all-in-one management-tool
• possible user-privileges on all the KPIs and variables via personalized login and password to maximize the confidence.
• secured storage and backup on quick servers: your data is safe!
• maximum automation when it comes to importing data via web service (but not necessary).

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