Bart Goethals


Bart Goethals, managing director of CLICKING, coaches, inspires and guides companies and entrepreneurs.

Out of  his passion for positivity and growth he knows better than anyone to sprout potential (in every level) of the company.

Hands-on and with respect for the individuality of man and organization.

Straightforward, pure, inspiring and comforting.
Important trumps in these fascinating times.

Bart Goethals make it happenMAKE IT HAPPEN
advice is no matter of writing reports and running away afterwards

We guide, inspire and support our customers and we take care of the analysis and implementation of the project in close cooperation, as well as the consolidation to avoid relapse.

measuring is knowing, but above all it’s about what we’re going to DO with the infomation

CLICKING guides your organization in setting up and/or finetuning a goal-oriented, complete and yet simple dashboard with critical performance indicators: determining the KPI’s, setting up the system, elaborating the measuring systems, collecting the data, translating them into relevant information, into knowledge, into actions and breakthroughs in results.

• BGo 03 bedrijfsleidingMANAGEMENT
At the top of a company there are few guarantees  but especially a lot of questions and issues

For company owners, managing directors and board members CLICKING especially wants to be an unpretentious soundboard. Listening to the main topics on the mental agenda, to what is going on in their minds , the less obvious decision-making processes, often confidential and personal topics that can temporary cast a shadow over the well-functioning of a president. We seek and find a way together to eliminate as much issues as possible.

• rust brengenBRING PEACE
In times where we all do way too many things at the same time, peace is essential.

Standing still means going backwards. And yet, peace, creating a framework, a climate, a structure is important in at every level. Continuously walking past each other and ourselves and shouting out that we are so busy, implies very often that we lose sight of the truly important things. In that way essentials become side issues and unfortunately also vice versa. The rigt focus, flexible and agile, but especially focus.

The most beautiful thing on earth is growing people

Thé trademark of CLICKING is “people”. The people make the difference in every company. And we make the difference in positive growth-coaching of employees on every level: from company owners and shareholders to managing directors, board members and managers, to staff members, teamleaders, foremen and workers. Each and every one of them plays an essential role in every successful company. Everywhere we search for personal growth and we try to expose the ever present potential.

Whatever you do, do it with passion

CLIKCING = passion. With our dynamism and stimulating enthusiasm we like to infect your entire organsation. The positive drive towards empowerment troughout the entire organization creates gradually more self-confidence and pride. Loving your job, learning how to manage positively, an actual interest and drive towards scoring goal-oriented and more cleverly together ,  are the most important purposes in this process.

• zelfreflectieINSPIRING SPEAKER
the book “The Pebble” is a valuable lesson in modesty

Not only is Bart Goethals the author of “The Pebble” in which he describes a succesful company owner who takes a distant from his company to question himself, but he also gives fascinating lectures that overflow of recognizable growing points.
What about you? Do you question yourself? Want to get out of the comfortzone for a while? Be confronted positively by our talented speaker.

• respectRESPECT
the word that says everything for everyone: respect

The ground for every project; every collaboration, every coaching starts with respect. From the left to the right, from the top to the bottom. Not too many judgements and prejudice, but helping each other and growing together. Tomorrow even better than today.

growing is improving in the nominator ánd in the denominator

A structured analysis along the cost and profit centres of the organisation learns us what the priorities are when it comes to cost-optimization on the one hand, and improving incomes and margins on the other hand. CLICKING offers countless project possibilities tailor-made, in function of the specific improvement domain.
Coaching and empowerment  mostly mould the foundation of a project.

Once in a while the gun has to be switched from one shoulder to another

These are often not-evident routes that require a specific guiding of the entire organisation. Hereby CLICKING can play a facilitating role and can point the direction of the different steps on the different levels of the organisation, positively and respectfully, and yet goal-oriented. This guidance provides all the steps to attain a succesful change of course, including the communication throughout the entire organisation on all the crucial moments. Usually the intern organisation does not have the time to focuss enough on this topic.

• eurosPROFIT
CLICKING = passion for YOUR results and YOUR growth

Making profit is not wrong. Therefor we will always guide result-oriented projects that contribute significantly to the corporate results. Beside this we also see the professional growth of the employees on every level of an organisation as an important trump when it comes to continuity towards the future.

We all especially want to be doing the right things…

That is why CLICKING helps at different levels (board of members, managementcommittee, management team) to ellaborate or finetune the strategy in a structured way. Afterwards we guide the translation into plans and projects and goals througout the organisation.

no standard projects or copy-paste: everytime a unique project with its own design

A company is not a serial product. Respect for the individuality requires the necessary custom fit. Think global and act local is thereby our motto. Furthermore we guide the projects in reality: in the market with the salesmen, with the operators on the production line

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